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Since the age of 4 I have dreamed of playing in the world’s biggest rock band. But of course the music industry has seen massive changes in the last few years and rock music is slowly dying out. So I decided to reinvent myself as an artist and to find another path to live up to my dreams.

This brought me to MAYRO.

MAYRO is an artist that combines EDM music with (hard) rock, and drumming with DJing. My plan is to live and work like a DJ and play one-man shows like a DJ. But instead of spinning turntables I will be DJing by using an Roland electronic drumkit and creating music that goes way beyond the usual rock and EDM.

With MAYRO I am staying true to myself, writing and producing music that I love in the way that I hear it. MAYRO is very versatile, with both a commercial, heavy side and a catchy pop side that ensures you won’t be bored after hearing one song.

MAYRO will help me share my passion for music and connect with people all over the world, every single day. Combined with my love of health and fitness – I could be one of the fittest rock drummers and producers you’ll ever meet! – I want to use my music to inspire people to make the most of their lives. I hope it will help them to gain motivation, boost their energy, or bring them comfort. I also want to turn every show into a party and turn MAYRO into a global phenomenon

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Chasing Lanes

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New Releases
december 17, 2021

We Are We Are (feat. Jay van Leeuwen)

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